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Help & Resources

Help & Resources

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General Information

The Help and Resources page provides general information about the MCD Archive, related links, and a link to the MCD User Guide.

Browser Information - The MCD Archive site is programmed to support the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, IE11, Edge and Safari. The use of unsupported browser versions may create a security risk. Therefore, users are strongly advised to only use supported browsers.

MCD Archive User Guide - Click on the User Guide Button above to learn about specific queries and functions available in the MCD Archive.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Throughout the MCD Archive, buttons have been enabled with "hot keys" that allow users to execute the button by keyboard rather than a mouse click. The buttons can be activated by depressing the "Alt" key on your keyboard, simultaneously with one additional letter key. To determine the exact mapping for a button use the mouse to hover the cursor over the button until the "tool tip" window displays with the mapping. Then screen readers can identify the mapping.

Document Update Schedule
Local Coverage Documents move from the live CMS Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) to the MCD Archive in real-time, according to the following schedule:

  • Proposed/Draft ICD-10 LCDs move to the MCD Archive 1 year after being released to the final LCD.
  • Retired ICD-10 LCDs and Articles move to the MCD Archive 1 year after their retirement dates.
  • Superseded versions of active ICD-10 LCDs and Articles move to the MCD Archive after 1 year.
  • All LMRPs reside on the MCD Archive.
  • All ICD-9 LCDs and Articles now reside on the MCD Archive

Data Downloads - The data download function is not available on the MCD Archive.

MCD Archive Contact - For assistance using the MCD Archive, please contact the Helpdesk at

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