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Welcome To The Medicare Coverage Database Archive


The CMS Medicare Coverage Database Archive Site (MCD Archive) contains Local Coverage documents (i.e., Local Medical Review Policies [LMRPs], Local Coverage Documents [LCDs], Proposed/Draft LCDs, and Articles).

LMRPs are policies that pre-date LCDs and were retired in their entirety by December 2005. All LMRPs are posted on the MCD Archive. LMRPs could include "reasonable and necessary" information, benefit category, and statutory exclusion provisions.

LCDs and Articles replaced LMRPs. LCDs may include "reasonable and necessary" information while Articles may contain benefit category, statutory exclusion, and coding provisions. Each document (LCD and/or Article) contains links at the end of the form for contractors to associate other related documents.

  • Proposed/Draft LCDs move to the MCD Archive 1 year after being released to the final LCD.
  • Retired LCDs and Articles move to the MCD Archive 1 year after their retirement dates.
  • Superseded versions of active LCDs and Articles move to the MCD Archive after 1 year.

Please Note: All ICD-9 LCDs and Articles now reside on the MCD Archive.

The MCD Archive Site is intended for use by Medicare Contractors, providers, and other healthcare industry professionals who need medical policy (LMRPs/LCDs) and medical policy related (articles) documents.

People with Medicare, family members and caregivers should visit, the Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare, for the latest information on Medicare enrollment, benefits and other helpful tools.

Search Function - Users are able to search the MCD Archive using a variety of criteria including state, contractor, keyword, date, CPT/HCPCS codes, and Diagnosis codes.

Indexes Function - Users are able to view a set of LMRPs/ LCDs or Articles using a defined set of contactor or state criteria. How documents display on the Index depends if the entire LCD/LMRP or Article is retired; or if the LCD/Article is active and the user desires to view archived versions of the active document.

Reports - Users are able to create two reports on the MCD Archive using a defined set of criteria:

  • The "What's New" Report displays all Local Coverage Documents that were updated during a specified CMS MCD update for one or more Contractors; and,
  • The "Local Coverage List of Documents by Contractor and Date" displays all Local Coverage Documents in effect for a specified time period for one or more Contractors.

For further information on: MCD Archive functions and features, Helpful Hints, links to other CMS websites, and the MCD Archive User Guide, please refer to the "Help & Resources" page.

Basket Function - Users are able to place multiple documents into the Basket for further selection, viewing, and printing. Documents display on this page after a Document Search, or a Report Query has been performed; and, the user has checked one or more documents to be added to the Basket.